The Neck Break Combat System is a very exclusive modular System that is only tought personally selected People. Furthermore we emphasize greatest countermeasure to the responsible use of this knowledge.

It is also the only system in the world that focuses on this aspect of the Martial Art and Tactical Combative with the best experts that you can find in that field.

In times when the criminal force becomes bigger and bigger and more and more soldiers have to go in war zones it is necessary to teach a system that gives you the edge and that empowers you to have a 100% option in your repertoire to defend your live or your family in case you are unarmed. It should be noted that this system provides only an option for the absolute worst-case situation, if all the other steps in a normal, civilian self-defense situation fail.

The content of each module is only open to attendances and strictly confidential be course there is a big responsibility that goes along with the teaching of this.


The Logo:

As template for the Neck Break System Logo we used an medical scan of a Neck Break from C1 and C2.

In general the content focuses on the following things:

-Anatomical Structure,

-Bones and Joint,

-Vital Points and areas,

-Anatomical knowledge of Blood, Nerves, Organs, Skeletal and Bone Structure

-Weapon Training (Knife, Shooting, Tactics and Combative)

-and many many more.

The Okuden Circle is proud to offer this exclusive system first time to the public even we know that this breaks also a big taboo.


If you are interested in attending we need the following things:

-Certificate of good conduct

-Covering Letter with a statement for the needs of that knowledge

-Your Vita for Martial Art or for your Job as Police, Military, Security

-All your related certificates.

After receiving all documents we handle everything and get back to you with an acceptance or a letter of refusal.

If you are refused we are not making any statements about the reason. We just kindly ask to accept our decision.