Trance Learning Strategies and Concepts:

This Section generates a Milestone in the Martial Arts. It is no secret that meditation and different meditation exercises have been part of every old martial art system. That also meant years of practice to achieve a certain goal. This was also important to get a deeper understanding of the physical part of the art.

With the Help of TLSC it is now possible to come to the same results in a much faster and deeper way. Due to the modern possibilities and a unique combination of NLP and Hypnosis Techniques we are now able to work in depths with a lot of important psychical factors of the martial art.

Goals are:

-Learn how to go in trance,

-Learn to use that for your benefits,

-Playing with time and space,

-Setting triggers to get automated reflexes,

-Making Mushin no shin a common state of mind,

-Remove mental barriers to learn principles and concepts in a much faster way,

-mental pain processing,

-And many more.

These above mentioned points are only the very basic explanations. This is a very exclusive section that gives you the edge and totally new possibilities. Courses are always limited to 14 people ONLY to guarantee the highest quality standard for the TLSC. Please also understand that this is a longtime project with minimum 6 weekends to get to all the 6 modules that we offer and this over a time frame of 2 – 3 years.

Inside the Okuden Circle this course is given by Elias Baumgartl. He is working with various Concepts from NLP to Hypnosis and has over 30 years of experience in that field.