Tactical and Survival based training is both for civilians and those in police or military. It is composed of techniques that have been tested and proven in the real world. We teach people how to successfully protect themselves and their loved ones with simple and effective techniques. These are the same techniques we teal police and special forces. These course are perfect for anyone regardless of your martial arts experience and background. Those with even beginning level of experience in the martial arts tend to excel in this training.

Inside the Tactical & Survival Section of the Okuden Circle we have Instructors for different fields and with specialisations on different concepts. Cause we try to look at everything in its entirety. These section is as important as any other because of the fact that there are different realities for different people, especialy when we talk about Military, Police, Security, paramedics and so on. These People are confronted with realities most of the civilians have not even a clue about. Special situations need special concepts and with the Tactical and Survival Section we fill this edukational gap. We have several experts inside the Okuden Circle that take care of following fields:

-Law Enforcement

-Devensive Tactics

-Military / SWAT

-Combatives and Firearms (KTAC)

-Executive / Dignitary Protection

-Private Security

-Tactical Medicine

-Woman Self-Defence

-Private Home Invasion

-Survival Training in the nature

-and many more...